Here is a list of 31 important C programs that you should know. These C programs are important for your C programming lab and semester exam.


  1. Illustrate Pass by Value
  2. Accept Sorted Array and do Search using Binary Search
  3. Accepts two Strings & Compare them
  4. Calculate the Simple Interest
  5. Calculate the Sum & Difference of the Matrices
  6. Check if a given Integer is Odd or Even
  7. Check if a given Matrix is an Identity Matrix
  8. Check if a given Number is Prime number
  9. Check if a given String is Palindrome
  10. Check whether a given Number is Armstrong
  11. Compute the Product of Two Matrices
  12. Compute the Sum of Digits in a given Integer
  13. Find out the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
  14. Find Reverse of a Number using Recursion
  15. Find Sum of Digits of a Number using Recursion
  16. Find the Biggest of 3 Numbers
  17. Find the Largest Number in an Array
  18. Find the Nth Fibonacci Number using Recursion
  19. Find the Transpose of a given Matrix
  20. Generate Fibonacci Series
  21. Illustrate Pass by Reference
  22. Merge the Elements of 2 Sorted Array
  23. Print Diamond Pattern
  24. Read an Array and Search for an Element
  25. Read Two Integers M and N & Swap their Values
  26. Read two Strings & Concatenate the Strings
  27. Reverse a Given Number
  28. Reverse a Number & Check if it is a Palindrome
  29. Simulate a Simple Calculator
  30. Sort the Array in an Ascending Order
  31. Sort the Array in Descending Order

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